What should I do if I lose my Cuba tourism card?

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The tourist card is an essential document for traveling to Cuba. It is important to have it with you before you leave. It is a kind of pass for a simple entry and therefore does not allow numerous return trips into Cuban territory. In addition, it is only used for tourist travel. If during your trip you lost it, you must follow a certain procedure.

Steps to follow if you lose your tourist card

It is advisable to photocopy or scan all your documents including your tourist card and to have them with you during your stay in Cuba. This allows you to replace them more easily in the event of theft or loss.

In case your tourist card is lost, you must go immediately to the immigration office closest to where you are staying. If you can't find one nearby, go to one of the visa offices located in major cities. Once you are there, you will discover the documents to provide for the replacement of your lost tourist card. You will also know the amount to pay for this operation. However, be careful of scams. Some people can tell you that they have found a way to replace your lost card.

What files must be provided to replace a lost tourist card?

It is strongly recommended to immediately replace your tourist card in the event of loss or theft. Indeed, if you stay in Cuba without this card, you will be liable to a fine.

In order to resolve this problem, you should therefore present yourself with the necessary documents. For this operation, you mainly need your passport and your plane ticket with confirmed return. Sometimes you also need to show your accommodation bill. Added to this is the receipt for the cost of this operation.

How much does it cost to replace a tourist card in the event of loss?

Replacing a lost tourist card is not free. You will have an amount to pay, even if it is not very high. The replacement has the same price as for a request to extend a tourist card.

You then have to pay approximately 14,00 € through the purchase of a local tax stamp. This amount can be paid into any bank. This is the receipt given to you that you submit with your other files to the immigration office.

Furthermore, this operation may take a few days. To do this, the immigration office gives you a receipt which allows you to stay on Cuban territory while waiting for your new card. You can also ask the immigration office for advice if you have any questions about what records to provide.

A team is always at your disposal and can welcome you during office hours.